SPH for Weakly Compressible Fluids

In winter 2014, I took a course on physically-based simulation, and had the opportunity to work on a fluid simulator project. I finally found some time to organize my work and upload it to GitHub. The project outlines two notable methods in fluid simulation using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH):

A partial implementation of the Implicit Incompressible SPH method developed by M. Ihmsen et al. can also be found in the codebase. I’m not planning to finish it, but I can be convinced otherwise.

The initial idea of the project was to create a functioning SPH solver. However, after learning about the large variety of different approaches to SPH, I decided to write a more generic application which can simulate different types of SPH fluids simultaneously. For instance the current implementation allows two different SPH fluids (from the two bullets above) to interact.

I also wrote a SIGGRAPH style report explaining what I’ve learned about SPH: SIGGRAPH style report

Lastly, I uploaded a small video demonstrating the application on youtube:

I’m always happy to get feedback and/or answer questions, so feel free to add a comment or fire me an email. Fluid simulation is a fascinating topic, and my main research interest, at the moment.